The Benefits of Having Quality Insurance in Taylor, Texas

Taylor Benefits Insurance offers comprehensive life insurance and universal life insurance plans with affordable premiums for individuals and businesses in Taylor, Texas.

The Benefits of Having Quality Insurance in Taylor, Texas

Living in Taylor, Texas comes with a plethora of advantages, including access to top-notch medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. City of Taylor employees who are regular, active full-time workers and plan to work at least 30 hours a week are eligible to enroll in city benefit plans. Alliance Work Partners is the city's Employee Assistance Program (EAP), providing employees and their families with confidential services to help them manage their daily responsibilities, important events, work stress, or any issue affecting their quality of life. EAP services include 1 to 6 counseling sessions per problem per year, including evaluation, referral, and crisis services.

Employees accumulate paid vacation and sick leave, in addition to a variety of other paid leave and family medical leave benefits. Nationwide car insurance is also available for those who want to protect their home and personal assets. Life insurance coverage is also available for those who want to ensure their family's financial security. Businesses in Taylor, Texas have a range of insurance options at their disposal. Businesses can choose from auto, commercial, agricultural, financial, home, motor sports and human services insurance.

Hughes Insurance Group is the only company that doesn't require private employers to have workers' compensation insurance to protect employees who may suffer injuries on the job. Taylor Benefits Insurance can connect businesses to some of the most reliable group health insurance providers in the country. In a self-funded plan, the employer forgoes using an insurance company and sets aside money to pay for employees' health care, usually in a trust and managed by a third party. Eighty-three percent of workers in Texas are employed by a company that offers health insurance, and 76 percent can choose between more than one plan. For more information about the mandatory health benefits that employers must offer as part of the Affordable Care Act, check out this resource from the Texas Department of Insurance. At Taylor Benefits Insurance we understand that having access to quality insurance is essential for individuals and businesses alike.

We offer comprehensive life insurance and universal life insurance plans with competitive premiums. We also provide dental care coverage, eye insurance coverage, employee assistance programs (EAPs), long-term disability coverage, and leave information for those who need it. If you're searching for quality insurance coverage in Taylor, Texas then look no further than Taylor Benefits Insurance. We can help you select life insurance coverage that fits your needs, your life and your budget. We'll explain comprehensive life insurance and universal life insurance in easy-to-understand terms so you can make an informed decision about your family's financial security.

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